Maxamise your use of material in order to save.

Here are some great ideas and recommendations on how to choose the most cost-effective approach for your project. 
Try to maximise your panels to fit a standard sheet size:
Large Sheet: 1500 x 3000 mm
Small Sheet: 1200 x 2500 mm
Mild Steel is a strong and cost-effective material, not recommended for coastal areas. 
3CR12 Stainless Steel is structurally sound, does not rust and is a recommended material due to its longevity.  
Aluminium is a lightweight and versatile material and can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Panels with less variation and that are the same size, pattern and colour are more cost-effective simpler patterns. The less complex the pattern in terms of perforations, the lesser time it takes to cut and therefore the more cost-effective the panel.