Home is a Beautiful Place for Design

“Design is the action of bringing something new and desired into existence, a proactive stance that resolves or dissolves problematic situations by design. It is a compound of routine, adaptive and design expertise brought to bear on complex dynamic situations.”

Harold Nelson, The Design Way

Our Laser Cut Perforated Architectural Screens offer a unique modern appeal to the exterior and interior of any home or building. Perforated Design has been an ongoing trend in Architecture and Interior Design for quite some time now. The applications of Architectural screening are endless. Providing design solutions such as dividing screens, cladding, sliding screens, balustrades, gates and more. Perforated paneling not only manipulates light in an interesting and captivating way but can provide various levels of shading, privacy and function and therefore provides a distinct architectural elements to the interior or exterior of a building.

Exploring an efficient and aesthetic way to provide privacy to a bathroom area we designed these beautiful leaf patterned gold sliding screens with opal backing. These laser cut screens form part of a main bedroom area and look just like cupboard doors in actual fact in various areas in the room our screens double up as a walk in wardrobe. A beautiful and unique design concept for this home.

As for the exterior our perforated panels were designed to enhance the architectural elements of the building and provide levels of shading and privacy to the interior. With this project, our laser cut exterior bespoke cladding was a critical aesthetic and functional design element that brings the building to life and most certainly gets noticed.

This project is a perfect example of what you can create and design for the interior and exterior of your home with our laser cut architectural panels.

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